Monday, March 11, 2019

HJBRL By Sukumar Roy

Short Summary of HJBRL By Sukumar Roy

That's a great idea of ​​the nonsense section of Bengali literature. While reading, I was relieving the feeling of the other level. At the other level, the other level. The story begins with a baby boy rising from sleep. To remove sweat in the summer, he took out the napkin and saw that his napkin became a cat. She starts to talk to the catcher and understands the cat is talking upside down. Later, the boy met Kaleshwar, who calculates the idiots with the riddle.

Thereafter, many other characters such as Udo and Budo, Hijibijbij, grammar horn, Nerja, Hajaru, Pachcha etc. are infiltrated and chaos continues to grow. The final end of the story comes from the baby's baby sleeping.

Preferred Characters:
01. Chandrabindu: Chandravindu is a weird fatty red gorgeous cat. He closed his eyes with words and started laughing.

02. Shrikakeshwar Kukchuch: This is the riddle, which is 41 in Gechobazar, Kagejapatti, which is a bit weird.

03. Undo and Budo: Udo and Budo twins brother They never quarrels, and sometimes they make friends. The body shape is one and a half feet, the green beard to the feet, the hands in the hand so that there is no call. Writing someone with a chalk on bald.

04. Hijjibijjija: The animals that visualize the different things that they see in an exclamation and they laugh about it.

05: Grammar horn, BA Foodbenadar: Ekti Rammachal who spoke on various topics. For example, do not eat goats.

In the primitive era, when people from the 'Ananda Mela' to 'Annanadeva', 'Professor Shanku' to 'One bag Shankar', all had to be grateful to the people when they read Chattang Chattang (ie: reading the storybooks of night instead of studying! Fell karobi), then gave me unrestricted peace this book. Such tangled but tangible books are not only in Bengali literature, but also rare in world literature.

And I could read this book without any reason, because my daughter-in-law gave her a birthday gift by recognizing it as a "good book". Every reader of the book knows exactly how good it is. But that makes me amazed that these writings are inexplicably meaningless but in reality the abundance of hidden ideas of concealed money. Read and teach the book. This evaluation made my small-timer perfect.
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