Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Obonil Bangla Pdf Book 8.90 MB By Muhammed Zafar Iqbal

  • Book Name: Obonil

  • Writer: Jafar Iqbal

  • Book Type: Jafar Iqbal eBook

  • Pdf Book Size: 8.80 MB

  • Page: 80

Obonil Book Download


People and Nilmanub are divided into two groups. The Nilamban did not get the dignity of the people. People consider them as a separate animal. The Academy of Science wants to study the Normans. 17 Nilmadhab prisoners have been possible. They will be delivered to science academy by the spacecraft. Neil Manadera impossible brave, impossible stereotype. They all work together. But they are being taken captive only in a cool place and not only in captivity. They make a battlefield in the spacecraft with their unimaginable intelligence.

People Rira and Nilamab Kushan live. Spacecraft control is ever in the hands of people, sometimes in the hand of the Nilamban. Slowly the original processor of the spacecraft or your idea proves completely wrong, the new section of Animal starts. To fight against wild animals on an unknown unknown planet is to survive. The new adventure begins here. In the midst of human civilization will come back. What is the end? If you want to know, then you must read "Abanil" of Muhammad Zafar Iqbal.

Most of the books of Muhammad Zafar Iqbal end with good. But you woke up reading this book on the previous page. You can not leave the 96-page book once you start reading it. You will be forced to read the book continuously to know what is going on next. Maybe tears will come in the corner of the eye. The last page will probably ease the pain. Or will not be.
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