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Rasha by Muhammed Zafar Iqbal 10.99 MB Book Pdf

Short Summary OF Rasha by Muhammed Zafar Iqbal: Rasha breathed her head all over her body in the water while she heard the voice of Moti and Zitura and she sat upright. When the voice of the throat is a little more clear, then he came out of the water, the mud in his body, his eyes were red, and his face was bleeding. Moti and Jitu went to the rush to call Rasha to see Rashna suddenly, they shouted to the river and came down on the bank and caught him in the jagat! Moti held the Rasha firmly and said, Rasha Apu! Rasha Apu are you alive? Are you alive, Rasha Apu.

Rasha Book Info

  • Book name : Rasha

  • Writter name  : Muhammed Zafar Iqbal

  • Type : Novel, Teenage

  • Total pages  : 239

  • Total size  : Only 10.99 MB.

  • series : Child And Teenage 


Rasha Pdf Download


Rasha Full Review: The most reliable place for a child in this world is his family. The most dependable relatives are his parents. But when a child invented the world's most reliable shelter, it is lost forever, then he falls into a great ocean of anxiety and fear. The girl named Rasha also discovered herself in such a great mausoleum. After her parents got divorced, she was left behind by her half-an-hour grandmother in an undisclosed, unknowable village.

There is no electricity in the village, there is no good school. Rasha has gathered all the means of suicide in order to gather all the time when it comes to working. But its suicide is behind. Slowly some events happen when his survival becomes meaningful. And at the end, when her Bhuban became successful, only one Razakars death hit him. Then? After that, the book will have to be read.

One thing to say is that in the book like Zafar Iqbal's other books, there were some issues in this book as well as conventional. But the novel has been enjoyable by the variety of stories and presentations. The description of some places is funny that sounds laughable. I felt proud to fall in some places. And another notable thing is that it has a wonderful mix of family, adventure and countryfight. a book to read in one sitting - Rasha.

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