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Until Mira did not return Novel By Humayun Ahmed Read

Until Mira did not return, Monowara was concerned with the pressure. Having grown up, this problem has happened to her. Being out of the house means anxiety. Monoray's anxiety is expressed in various ways, his heart is suffering, he can not keep up with any work.

Recently, another symptom has been added to breathing difficulties. Although breathing big, it does not even chew. It seems that the wind could not reach a large part of the lungs. Is empty Monorail idea is that after the marriage of the two girls, she will not have this problem. He can breathe the rest of his life comfortably.

After returning from Netrokona, it looked good to see the girl. Pretty happy girl There was no darkness in the face of Mirza for a few days. Rather, there is a bit of a blazing feeling. Of course it can also be acting. His big girl knows better acting. Little does not know at all.

Monwara said to Meera, had any problem?

Mira smiles. He laughs, there is no problem. People did not enjoy watching this girl driving?. Got a lot of fun, There was a problem in the line in Dhaka?

Uh! Sabe grabbed the first ring and did not recognize my throat. Said who are you?

So have you talked with Saber?

Has been there, Is that good?. Well he thinks he's cold. How can the throat be heavy heavy? Or maybe it can be reversed. Maybe he threw his own neck heavily when he heard my throat.Mira smiles, Monowara is going away. Laughter in Monawar's face.


Mira thinks the mother's role in a family is a strange family member who laughs when she laughs. Whenever any member of the family is sorry, who has to be sorry. This is the family's claim. The family does not make such unfair claims on anyone other than the mother.

Mira calls, mother, mother, he Monowars came back immediately. What is the problem with Suba? How to reconcile it He can not ask himself. Now it seems that Miri will say.

You must say a very important thing. Crunchy emergency, Let's go to the garden.I can not go to the garden. I say it here. It is - I got to know that Dadijana or sleep tonight with me. It does not happen. You will see, this is your urgency?

Yes it is my urgency Daddy has slept with Chefera last night and asked him whether he would sleep with a chef during one night, and sleep with me one night. My hands and feet are getting cold after listening to it.


What is the coolness of the handpipe? Grandma will not sleep with the grandson!

Do not sleep Of course not with me. I and Daddy were under a coat. He will give me his hood-footed foot. The smell of dry dung will come from her body. Unbearable Mother, save me as you please.Monawara said in a grave face, how would I do if I want to sleep with you?

These crafty intelligence are very good for you. You get an idea. In exchange, I will listen to all of you. If you tell me to talk to my father, I agree to the story.Monaara said, "I do not talk kind of fazlami." Do not talk with my father, do you talk with whom?

Mira said to laugh and said, Mother, do you know that the father of the first ten annoying story-tellers in Bangladesh is there? Hey Hey Hey


It's evening Azhar Sahib is doing stories with his daughters. Monowara came with tea. Mira told her mother in her eyes, save us mother. Monawar smiled and he also sat down to listen to the story. While staying in Dhaka, it is almost never a story to sit together. Shilpa will sit in front of the TV, x file or something.





What is the story of funny stories? Well listen to the auction customs of the Eborangin. There is an ancient indigenous community in the Netherlands, they have some strange social rules. There is a group of them called Sin eater. Sin Eater means sin-eating. They eat the sins of other people.

Monwara said, and mama. What are you talking about How can sin be?

Monwarara has no reason to be surprised. He heard this story three times before. He is surprised to get the story.


There was no change in the story of Shefa and Mira, but Monoara shook his eyes. Hintingly said in the throat-repentance Astagfirulla, what is it?

When Azhar Sahib would go on to start the second story, he told Delwar that the headmaster of the local school came with some teachers. Azhar Sahib immediately got up. School teachers come to the house every evening. Attributed to the story of Azhar Sahib. Listening to Azhar Sahib very happy with them some time.

Azhar Sahib looked at his wife and said in a happy voice, arrange to send tea outside Monowara. Listen and I want to feed them one day. Make polao toll The poor people come from far away on this winter night. So many people do not return at night. Looks bad

Monaara said, they come to hear your story. They are happy to hear the story.That's right. Still feed them well in one night. How to eat tomorrow night?

Say ok

You make a prepation with beef-Mongolian beef, see if you can do it. They are in the villages, they will be happy if they can eat something new.I can see whether or not.

After leaving Azhar Sahib, Mira said, mother, do you care for Dadijana? Hope he does not come to sleep with me. You told me mother. She said, the problem of the night is so soft, what will tomorrow do? Will my mother sleep with you everyday?

Not good. Do not say whether the hobby is getting settled. The hobby is in tune.

I can not kill the fish, how to meet the hobby?

Was sitting again tomorrow?

Hu Will you sit with me?


Please api boss, you are good luck, you have a good fortune. I think if you have fish you will be caught.

My luck is good

Certainly good Mother, is not good luck?

Monwara said with a smile, the luck of both are good.

Shefa said, if at birth Allah would write our fate on a card like a report card, it would have been very good. We already knew all about the report card.

Monoara said, where did you learn how to do fun?

Shefa said, mother learned from my father. Learning from stories learned how to tell stories from my father. I dropped it while talking. Let's talk about it.

Mira smiled. Monoara started to laugh. Only Shiefa was serious. Though he is serious, he is very happy. Delwar was seen at the door. I can not show him. New pants, shoes, yellow coat on it

Shefis whispered and said my average. How did you look like Delwar Bhai? Do not you think the circus joker, will you show any game at the moment?

Monwara said, shut up.

Did she tell her to remain lousy after the mother?

Before Manuara said something, Delwar said, listen to the small appeal.

Shefah got up Delwar said, good news is Apa. TV has been found.

What will be the profit with the TV, not the current. What will you watch TV after eleventh night?

I got the battery. Wash the car's battery.

Accelerant. Fit in my home.

I do not know how to fit. I've got a mechanic.

Why are you wasting time? Apply it.

Do not be angry with your dad?

What a strange thing! Why will Dad be angry? I do not see TV in Dhaka? I see all the time.

But the permission of the uncle ...

Okay, I'll take permission.

Shefa is very happy. If you do not see any other program on TV, the X file is not visible - the shafar does not run. Today there are x files. Delwar brother just asked in the evening - There is a house nearby, which has TV, I have to see the X file. Delwar's brother got the TV. The man has the job. Just a little joker type.

Delwar's brother


How do you feel after the coat pants?

I feel good Feeling a little shy-shame.

Shame-shame, then why are you after?

Shoes and pants bought big ones. If you do not feel sorry after wearing

He will not get hurt at all. If you feel shy-shame you open it. Fell down

Is the big upper heart now better?

very good. Why would you mind? Why are you wasting time from standing? X file will start

Delawar said with astonishment, if you give permission from the uncle. If you suddenly get angry with watching TV.

Well, I'll get permission right away. You go to my house with a mechanic. Fit the TV in such a place that I can lie on my bed.

Oh well

Shefa going towards the living room.

He did not enter the house. Standing outside the door. Azhar is doing stories, everyone is impressed. That old story of Azhar Sahib Netherland's Sin Eater

Headmaster said, what did sir say? Nude body keeps the food.


If the body is a woman?

The same condition for everyone.

The headmaster began to scream. The guests asked for a while. The Assistant Headmaster said, a very barbaric race.

Azhar Saheb said that among the ancient nations there are many different beliefs of such people. This ancient ethnic group in Africa's Rainforest does not bury or burn their dead relatives. To eat.

What did you say, sir, ate?

Yes, they eat. They believe that it is the good of the dead soul.

We're better than Sir.

Yes we are fine For us, we are very old. After that, there was a ugly tradition like Sati's. Did not he? They are doing what they are doing, and we're killing people alive.

The Assistant Headmaster said in a fascinating voice, Sir, you know so many things, it is so incredible that it is an incredible thing. Look forward to hearing your story. After the evening, they do not want to stay in the house. Sir may be very annoyed.

Why bother you?

Sir is upset or not, we can not come or not.

Of course you will. Good night, tomorrow night you will eat four dalits with me.

Sa Sa Sa Sir! You are our guest Where do we eat?

What a surprise, I'm not the son of this village? You have four branches of rice. Of course eat

Shefa is still standing by the door. He is very happy to hear them speak from behind. The great stories of his father and the people who would like to listen so much, it was the concept of chefra and outside. Are these people in the village stupid?

Actually a gentleman came late today. He is a black-haired black boy. He has a shop in Netrokona. The store now looks after the boy. She is at home. He went in very busy stance and looking at the headmaster, he said in a mad-angry necklace, what did you do with the headmaster? I did not come with me. I did not say yesterday, I will come with me when I come. I sit after clothes from evening.

The headmaster said in a shaky voice, I have forgotten exactly.You'll forget that Waiting for two hours, I heard you after looking for yourself, The evening has passed. I have not been there for a long time, so I asked Sir for a while.

Azhar Saheb smiled on two friends' quarrel. He again had to start with the story of the sin vendor. Those who heard the story before, heard the story for the second time with equal interest. The headmaster said in the exact place of the story in the place where the corpse is a woman? On the other hand, she got up and said, "Is the body of the body corpse?" Still, this situation is so far. As if he was listening to the story for the first time.

Shefa is still standing. Surprisingly, she likes to stand in the back of my father's story. Now he is convinced that they are interested. Dad's stories are not as good as they do not listen to your father's story. It's good to hear them interested. Aghar suddenly stopped the story and said, who is beside the door?

Dad listening to your story. The headmaster said in soft language, mother, these stories are not worth listening to you. Stories are for people with mentality. Mom you go If possible, send a little tea for cats. Azhar Saheb said, do not eat coffee?

Yes there.Then Sir take a look at the big things.Sheffa went to talk about coffee. Assistant Headmaster said, two daughters of Sir are very good. Good to know Like trees, its fruit.

Azhar Saheb said, Master Sahib did a little mistake. The tree does not produce good fruit. For example, teak trees, shawl trees. The audience of the present audience is very pleased again with the words of Azhar Sahib. Azhar started the last part of the story of the evil-doers - the audience leaned towards him.
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